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L’lerrét Jazelle Ailith

(Pronounced: Ler-ray Juh-zel A-lith)

Utilizing social media and online platforms in order to mobilize and restore communities has been a mission that I have been engaging for a few years now. This blog, as well as my others social channels, are ways in which I can express my concerns about public discourse directly affecting our communities or even engage in conversations that can lead to new ways of conceptualizing a world post dismantling oppressive and traumatic systems. I’m interested in all of us bringing our full selves together and fucking up institutions no matter how complicated it might be. Collective liberation is the only way we will be able to truly navigate in more just and equitable spaces and that is what I’m focused on sorting through. My passions for creative arts through storytelling and performance are going to start materializing in new ways through various platforms as vehicles of social reform. I appreciate your dedication to the revolution and hope that you’ll continually engage with me throughout this journey.